+ workshops for 2019 RWA Conference in New York, NY (July 2019)

+ weekend workshop in Bristol, UK (November 2019)  



"If you haven't heard Geoff Symon's class on forensics and crime scene investigation, hurry. Fascinating, weirdly fun and totally accessible. A must for crime and suspense writers."

Kristan Higgins

(New York Times bestselling author)

"Shout out to Geoff Symon, whose forensic advice is helping to make my current work in progress bloody believable."

Christopher Rice

(New York Times bestselling author)

"When I have to write forensics scenes in my stories, my go-to source to get all the details right is Geoff Symon. His first-hand experience, as well as his ability to explain the world of crime scene investigations, have been invaluable resources. It's been a mystery to me why Geoff hasn't been writing his own stories. Now, thankfully, he is."   

Ron Marz

(Green Lantern, Witchblade, Adventures of Superman)

“Only Geoff Symon could make blood spatter so damned charming!”

Amy Lane

(Fish out of Water, Keeping Promise Rock)

“I think I just figured out how to fix my wounded, sorry, mush of a manuscript. Thanks Geoff Symon!”

Dev Bentham 

(Whistle Blower, August Ice)

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